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Prof. Pradeep Mishra

  • Director & Professor
    Institute of Pharmaceutical Research
  • Department

    Pharmaceutical Research
  • Contact Details:

    Email : directoripr@gla.ac.in

    Contact Number :9927064019

  • Experience

    39 years Teaching/Research experience in the field

  • Qualifications

    PhD (1982):University of Saugor, SAGAR 470 003 M.P.

    M.Pharm. (1973): University of Saugor, SAGAR 470 003 M.P.

  • Ph.D

    Thesis Supervised

  • Awarded/ Completed16+1*


  • Postgraduate

    Thesis Supervised

  • Awarded/ CompletedMore than 40


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  • 01Life Time member of APTI India
  • 02Life Time member of Indian Pharmaceutical Association; Mumbai Maharashtra